Professional experience

From our professionals, you will learn through practical experience how you can contribute to the health of patients in Romania, as a future pharmacist or pharmacist assistant. We are waiting for you to join a team where patient care is a priority and continuous development is what characterizes us.

By completing your internship at Dr. Max pharmacies, you will benefit from specialized training in a pleasant work environment, future career opportunities within one of the largest pharmaceutical players in Europe, and access to specialized courses.

Contribute with us to the health of patients in Romania!

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What do we offer?

Specialized training alongside a team of professionals

Extended chain and the possibility to choose a pharmacy near you

Various types of pharmacies where you can complete your internship

European leader in the pharmaceutical industry

Pleasant work environment

Access to various specialized courses

Opportunity to develop interpersonal, collaboration, and teamwork skills

Specialized career guidance

Frequently asked questions

If you intend to carry out your internship at one of the Dr. Max pharmacies, you can leave us a message through the application form above, and we will contact you. Alternatively, you can directly contact our team of professionals at the specific pharmacy where you would like to do your internship.

The necessary documents you need to prepare for the internship file are: the internship agreement in three signed and stamped copies by your faculty/school, a copy of your identification document, and a medical certificate. We will take care of the rest!

From our professionals, you will learn, through practice, how you can contribute to the health of patients in Romania as a future pharmacist or pharmacist assistant. You will have the opportunity to develop your interpersonal, collaboration, and teamwork skills, and the list goes on.